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Dynamo and Trility Announce Launch of Strategic Partnership

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New partnership helps companies accelerate their time to delight customers through software product development and innovation by bringing the right combination of skills, behaviors, products, and services to the table.

OMAHA, NE-May 25th, 2018—Today Dynamo, LLC and Trility Consulting, LLC announced the launch of their strategic alliance, bringing together two emerging leaders in the technology services industry.  This partnership represents the intersection between the strategic consulting, product delivery services, and behavioral guidance that Trility offers combined with the high-quality capacity scaling, recruiting, and flexible resourcing solutions that Dynamo adds, thereby creating a powerful partner for companies facing significant business and technology challenges or embarking on or amidst a digital transformation journey.

Companies today are experiencing an unprecedented rate of change, heavily driven by the development of technologies like Cloud, Big Data, Mobile, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented/Virtual Reality.   Many are struggling to adapt to these changes, as over 52% of the companies on the Fortune 500 list have disappeared since 2000.   In this modern economy, companies must be able to innovate, adapt, and deliver swiftly, and access the talent networks, knowledge, and experience necessary in order to remain competitive. The Trility and Dynamo alliance offers organizations in the midst of rapid change a partnership that offers the experience, behaviors, leadership, values, and flexible offerings to guide them to a path of success.

Frequently, in order to cover the span of services and skills needed to take a software product concept to market, companies have had to leverage a combination of their internal teams, strategic consulting firms, staffing companies, and recruiting providers.   These disparate parties have had no consistent understanding of customer needs, thus creating duplicate work and duplicate communication at a high frequency.  The net result is wasted time and effort, a lack of transparency and accountability, mismanaged expectations, and often failed technology implementations.  The Dynamo and Trility partnership eliminates knowledge silos, unqualified resumes, activity and communication duplication, and multitudes of vendor relationships to manage.  Whether a customer needs strategic consulting in developing a product implementation plan, behavioral guidance and leadership on a software delivery project, adding skill capacity to an existing team, or finding the next high performing member of their full-time staff, the combination of Trility and Dynamo offers a single avenue to procure these services and helps guide customers to accelerated time to revenue.

“Our customers are excited for Dynamo to be able to bring additional capabilities to the table in order to help them navigate todays challenging business climate” said Michelle Wingard, co-founder and Vice President at Dynamo.  “The partnership with Trility allows us the ability to bring to bear a leader in solutions delivery who possesses similar values, and places an emphasis on quality results as much as we do.”

“Companies, projects and teams are wholly dependent upon the presence and performance of great people. We work with the Dynamo team because of their great attitudes, attention to detail and diligence in finding great customers and great team members. We’re excited to form this partnership and look forward to combining our resources to the benefit of our teams, companies and most importantly, our customers,” noted Matthew Edwards, CEO of Trility.

Dynamo and Trility are currently working together in helping various customers in areas such as secure cloud adoption, software product delivery utilizing modern technology stack and TDD methods, IoT/connected things, and infrastructure as code.

For inquiries about how Dynamo and Trility can help your organization, contact either Dynamo or Trility representatives today to start a conversation.

About Dynamo, LLC

Founded in 2014 with a focus on redefining an industry, Dynamo is a technology consulting and recruiting services company headquartered in Omaha, NE.  Dynamo is a new model for what technology consulting and recruiting should be: focusing quality over quantity, valuing people over transactions, and getting it right the first time.  Their talent networks extend into agile software development, information security, data and analytics, mobile, and cloud focus areas. Dynamo serves customers in Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, Texas, and Tennessee.   To learn more, visit their website at

About Trility Consulting, LLC

Headquartered in Urbandale, Trility is a people-first, full-spectrum solutions company focused on helping customers and partners enjoy success with today’s digital transformation needs. From cloud adoption, migration, implementation and evolution to multi-level continuous cyber-security solutions and full-spectrum application and systems development, their focus is understanding customer needs, providing customers multiple options and implementing solutions that constantly enable the ability to change as their needs change. Trility is a certified AWS Consulting Partner, and a partner/re-seller of Ironbench products which include secure enterprise cloud adoption, Linux security and regulatory compliance adoption solutions.  To learn more, visit their website at


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